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Stand-up bot for Agile teams

Run asynchronous standup meetings in Slack. Keep your team up to date.
Standbot connects to JIRA to display what’s on everybody’s plate.

Slack Stand-Bot is alive!

Rich JIRA notifications 😋

Keep everyone in sync with updates on JIRA tasks right in to your team's channel.

Automatic status preview 😉

Just mention a team member from your channel and @standbot will automatically fetch the key details of her status.

Immediate team's report 😬

Select a channel and get an immediate report of the team status and their blockers.

Hello! I'm Standbot! — I will run your daily stand-ups right in to your Slack #channel! 🙌

Import JIRA issues to keep everybody in sync!

*You will receive instructions by email to install the bot in Slack and connect it to JIRA.