Agile Retrospectives for Jira: How Communication Inspired Our Latest Project

Here at SoftwareDevTools we know what it’s like working with remote teams and the struggle it can be to have an efficient communication between team members when there’s no face to face interaction. It can lead to troubling misunderstandings, confusion or team members feeling like their voice isn’t being heard. Since our inception, we’ve worked as a remote team with the Agile methodology and while we believe it’s been one of the keys to boost efficiency and productivity, one of the best advantages that sometimes goes understated, is the way it helps better the communication between coworkers.

Because of this, we’re no strangers to the Agile Retrospectives ceremony, which is directly linked to the communication aspect of Agile, since it’s a moment where everyone gets to voice their thoughts about the sprint and talk about what they believe are the ideas worth discussing.

In the past, this prompted us to create our own Agile Retrospectives tool for Confluence, but we decided to take it further and develop a new project that not only gets rid of boring retrospectives but also is inside of Jira so it’s easier to keep a record of a previous project’s session. That’s right, we have just published Agile Retrospectives for Jira in the Atlassian Marketplace, so now you can have everything under one same roof.

For the last few weeks, the team has been working hard to create an app that could offer an enjoyable experience for all users and permitted creating a dialogue about the tasks they’ve been realizing while incorporating an app like Jira.

Incorporating both platforms makes it easier to talk about the important things and have more effective processes. By being able to view the projects you’re talking about, nothing gets lost in translation resulting in time saving and improving productivity by creating and assigning action items that make it easier to follow-up everyone’s progress.

With our Agile Retrospectives for Jira app, your team collaborates by sharing ideas at the same time recapping the sprint, grouping them by a similarity in their topics, voting to prioritize ideas and assigning action items to team members. Some of our favorite features are being able to decide between regular an anonymous mode, set the number of votes and how many times you can vote for a single topic.

Everything inside your Jira project.

Visualize your retrospectives history inside your Jira projects

Trying to improve your #Agile practices? OR are you getting started with Agile? Are you in a remote team? Check out our products for Agile teams at SoftwareDevTools. We focus on making agile ceremonies more effective and easier to adopt for remote teams.

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