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Hey there, I’m Marco Alvarado, a Software Engineer part of the SoftwareDevTools team, and also one of the stakeholders behind the bi-directional integration between FreshDesk & Trello. Our team had already been in a Connect Week event. They have already worked on our existing products: Agile Retrospectives for Confluence and Retros for Jira, Scrum Poker for Confluence and Scrum Poker for jira.
Connect Week Austin 2017 was my first ever experience in this kind of events, and I’ve got to say that I learned quite a lot. Seeing other teams building solutions for the problems we perceive by being involved in the software industry was thrilling. And of course, getting to meet the people behind the products I use on a daily basis was inspiring. Usability tests sessions

Usability Test Sessions

During Connect Week, the Atlassian team arranged 1:1 usability test sessions, our team took the opportunity and we put the integration to test. The Atlassian team did a great job assigning a user to us, Craig Drummond, a Support Engineer at Atlassian, a Trello user, and also the kind of user we expect to have on our integration.
Our team arranged a list of actions we expected the user to accomplish using our integration, starting from giving the user some context, leading him to the FreshDesk Dashboard, moving to the Trello Power-Up setup process, and then moving back and forth between FreshDesk and Trello, simulating the interaction between a support agent and the Trello user that would work on the solution.

Out of the test, we learned that the setup process was not user-friendly at all. In order to continue with the test we actually had to tell the user how to do it because the process itself wouldn’t explain how to achieve it. We also found out that there were some small interaction details and features we designed based upon assumptions only to find out that they should be improved, or tweaked to be actually useful.
The big lesson I took from this usability testing is that often times as developers we get blinded by the fast & happy path we use to test our applications during the development process. We imagine ourselves as real users and forget that we know the product because we’ve built it, not because it’s easy to use.
Freshdesk + Trello Demo

Our Advice

Our piece of advice here is: keep your users close, their feedback & requests are imprescriptible on your products build process. You’re building products they will use, let them have a saying in what should be achievable through your solutions and get happy customers in the process!

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