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One of the biggest challenges that small and medium-size companies face while in their growth stage is giving their clients all the help they need to get the most out of their product or service. We, the SoftwareDevTools team, believe that through customer support you can better understand what value you are providing. We've seen this with over and over with our Retrospectives & ScrumPoker add-ons.

There are many 'software as a service' (SaaS) tools and platforms available for your team to choose from, but people are the ones that provide the real customer support and they need to understand who they are talking to. Most importantly they need the help from all the teams involved in delivering value to the customer.

As we have discussed in other posts, communication is key. We cannot stress this enough: if you cannot get your team to engage in providing exceptional customer support you will not get clients to let you know what other types of value your product can provide.

We will discuss how your team can collaborate its way into gaining insights through customer support. Since we started building a Trello Powerup for Freshdesk, we dove deep into what a helpdesk agent needs in order to communicate with its team and how the customer or IT support software connects them all.
Trello + Freshdesk app

Listening is harder than you think.

It all starts by listening to your clients when they reach out to you, but this is something that wants to be avoided. Let me explain: Once the client has reached you it means that they have a problem. So they are focused not on value creation but on understanding why they are not getting any value out of your product.

It is important to empower your clients. In doing so, you are letting them serve themselves and also providing support for other customers. It is your job to provide all the necessary information for them to create knowledge around your product and let them become “power users”.

“Power Users” are the first stepping stone into creating a community around your product, they are the people that will guide you in the decisions of the product roadmap . Because they are experts in solving the problems and creating value through the use of the product. With them, you can spark conversations around what the next steps should be and they will gladly share their insights with your team. (Read more about Agile Product Roadmaps).

There will be times when you engage with them to solve their hurdles into becoming “power users”, so your customer support agent is your first line of listening to them. That is why in the last couple of years helpdesk software has been crucial in spreading the reach of your team to better serve your customers. Here is a list of Top 6 help desk software from WindowsReport and also a check out these 15 Cloud solutions for SMBs, you will find many options to build your help desk platform.

Your team needs to be aligned in order to do so, development and design need to have a direct line of communication with your help desk agents. So they can talk to each other and work on the best available solutions for your customer. That is why it is crucial for your IT Support platform or Helpdesk software to have API’s that can connect to a backlog where support agents can share information with anyone on the product team.

It is all about empowering your customers.
Customer Support Flow

Your first contact is crucial.

For your customers, it is imperative that they find a channel to discuss what they problems they are facing or questions regarding the use of the product. There are many ways for them to reach you, but you need to give them a direct line to your team.

If you are nowhere to be found then you will not get their business and then nobody wins. These are some easy to implement direct lines of support for an online helpdesk:

  • Create a generic support email, that is sent to stake holders.
  • Online chat in your website - UserLike or PureChat.
  • Twitter - leave the account open for DM’s.
  • Facebook - if you have a page put all the support information as a pinned post.

Send all of them to your helpdesk support software, it is important that you centralize all the information so that support agents can find the right stakeholder to reach out.

Now, most companies and organizations have created a repository of issues that their teams are working on their daily activities, for software development teams we have JIRA, Trello, Pivotal Tracker, Youtrack and many more; for design teams, they use Google Spreadsheets, Asana, Trello, and many other tools. But these platforms do not communicate with their helpdesk or IT support teams.

Support agents are the ones that are contacted first by customers and they need all the means to reach to stakeholders. So it is important to build those communication channels.

Have your development and design teams reach consensus on how they want to interact with customer support agents, that makes sense for them to be incorporated into their daily processes.

Find those sweet spots and look for tools that can provide these bridges of information to communicate how to empower your clients and reach their goals.

That is why we have built a Trello App for the Freshdesk customer support platforms and a Freshdesk Powerup for Trello. To enable teams that are working with both software products to communicate with one another and provide exceptional help desk customer support with Trello and Freshdesk.

Give it a try!

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