Insights into how 100+ organizations leverage Trello for Customer Success.

It has been more than 2 years since SoftwareDevTools launched the Trello app and the Freshdesk Power-up. We have been privileged with the good acceptance of this integration that has been helping more than 100 companies improve their customer support processes with the bundled applications.


The opportunity to be part of how organizations engage with their customers makes us focus in delivering the features needed for their teams to deliver exceptional experiences to their clients; during these last years, we have found some great insights into what makes customer and sales support teams excel in such a competitive environment.

So we set out to create a White Paper to describe the results that companies like Coinfield, Stackoverflow, AKVA Group, Horizon Solar Power, Warby Parker and more are getting from leveraging the Trello platform combined with a powerful help desk solution such as Freshdesk.

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Delivering a remarkable support experience.

We started using Trello as part of integrating our backlog with the Scrum Poker web app of PlanningWith.Cards, we knew that using their boards provided the flexibility for agile teams to estimate their software development tasks and turned those into cards. Little did we know the impact that this software was having in industries all over the world.

Trello is one of the most successful software as a service (SaaS) applications in the last 10 years, which was the creation of Joel Spolsky and the Fog Creek team which in September 2011 sent a blog post with the headline - Announcing Trello.

Announcing Trello

When we first got a glimpse of Freshdesk it was through meeting with their Partnership team in Atlassian Summit Barcelona and we started talking of what integration made sense to develop that can deliver value for customer and sales support teams.

Freshdesk has more than 100,000 companies using their help desk software platform, so it was the perfect match for the flexibility of Trello. That gave us the assurance that teams could benefit from the boards and cards adaptability to an organization’s process, no matter how complex it was this bundle solution could play its part in improving a teams information workflow.

Data and information flow increase through an organization’s customer and sales processes during their growth periods, providing a platform that can help them scale operations is critical and we wanted to provide a bundled application that could scale with their needs, giving their support agents the necessary information to have full context on a customers situation and the status of the tasks associated with each ticket are in any given moment.

Having an application that can adapt to each organizations structure, from a small-medium size business to a full scale enterprise help desk we created native applications on each platform; a Freshdesk power-up that enabled team members to link or create specific support tickets and sending a comment to Freshdesk agents so they are aware of a customer’s needs, as well as the tasks associated to a Trello card.

Avoid a broken customer and sales support workflow.

We know that most teams in organizations use different platforms in their daily sales and customer support workflows. You are constantly sending and receiving information, which is crucial to finish any task and deliver the results the clients are expecting.

As an organization grows you have to leverage “institutional knowledge” to scale your customer support operations and having the right tools that can pass it through as your company is expanding will enable your team to create the best customer support process that fits your needs and budget.

For teams that are in the front line and engaging with users through a help desk platform, they are responsible for how a customer engages with an organization and it is important that they maintain a good communication channel with their teams; which get assigned the tasks needed to solve a client's questions, comments, and feedback.

This is why we built a two way sync between customer support teams that use Freshdesk and other teams that do not have direct access to the help desk platform, using Trello cards enables teammates to coordinate directly with the person assigned to solve the task, add a due date so anyone in the organization knows an estimated time that the task will be finished. With this, the team can coordinate to give the customer full context of their support request.

The lack of access to a clients information creates a broken support process, the member directly responsible for this is the support agent, they need to provide as much context to the business unit that is handling specific tasks. This is where the Trello and Freshdesk apps start to deliver a quick way to organize any type of information that needs to be updated to complete the tasks and provide the solution to a support ticket.

Through the use of the Trello app, now support teams can send information directly to the stakeholders that execute the tasks needed to solve a customer or potential client’s request. You avoid going back and forth with information, this will save valuable time in the triage process of assigning the correct business unit to deliver the expected outcome by the support team. We have also released the Freshservice power-up, so IT teams can also leverage it’s functionality. This is a 2 way solution along with the Trello power-up directory ( for full two-way sync).

It is an honor to provide the tools so teams can set a higher standard of customer success, review the White Paper - Beyond Transactional Sales and Customer Support to find out how teams deliver exceptional customer support.

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