How Feedback gave us our latest release

By now, we’ve talked about our Slack bot to automate daily stand-ups and it's Slack & Jira integration several times. You can go as early as reading how we started developing a chatbot or even our tips for better stand up meetings.

However, we haven’t talked about how we come up with new releases, and this post is precisely about that. See, we recently released a new version of Stand-bot that works in Jira Server, allowing large companies to have asynchronous meetings while running a Jira instance that is located in their own server with their own configuration.

When planning new releases, communication with our users has always been key. It gives us insight in not only how they are using our apps but also what they believe it’s valuable for them; Stand-bot Server was the case. When in conversation, different users would point out how this would be valuable for them and their organizations.

With the Jira Server option, users are free to have a custom domain but also to protect their information with the level of security their organization demands.

Asking for feedback can sometimes be a little intimidating, and when you don’t have a relationship with your users, it results in a very difficult task. In our experience, there are certain practices that will help you out with this, whether you’re looking out for your new feature or you want to evaluate what your customers think of the product or service you’re offering:

Be personal

It’s very important you know the person you’re talking to. Not just their name or the company they work at, but specific and relevant things like how long have they been using your product? Have you had any conversations prior? Have they had any questions or trouble along the way?

Bring value

Sure, you want to get some new knowledge out of the interaction, but what will the person on the other end get? Why should they reply? Are they going to learn something valuable or something that enhances their experience too?

Be specific

If there’s something you would like a user to tell you, whether it is about their experience so far or what they thought of a certain feature, ask away! This will facilitate the conversation and save you some time.

How do you communicate with your users to give them what they want from your product or service? Let us know!

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