How to Improve Your Customer Service

Your customer service sucks. You probably think it doesn’t and that you’re doing everything right, but out of 10,000 companies that claim the same, only around 100 are actually delivering a great customer experience.

Customer service matters, and living in an age where tech is being used everywhere for everything, it matters more than ever. Customers know what they expect from a company and if they don’t have a good experience, they won’t be afraid to let others know. Think about it, how many times have you learned that the service at certain companies or restaurants is terrible just because you read it up on a friend's twitter account?

That doesn’t mean technology can’t play a part in actually creating a better user experience. Take for example our situation. We knew that platforms like Trello were useful to us since it’s easy to manage pretty much any kind of information on it, yet, it’s not exactly a platform built for customer support. And that’s where a help desk ticketing solution like Freshdesk plays part. Last summer at Connect Week, we decided to take them both: Trello, an app likely used by developers and Freshdesk, your customer support team’s tool, and create something that would allow us to have both platforms synchronized, a Trello + Freshdesk powerup. For us, this meant that collaboration between our teams could be easier and our client’s tickets could be solved faster since everyone was in sync on what was going on and had input on it.

Through the years we’ve learned a lot on how to improve our customer service and thought we’d share some of our insights with you:

1. Keep an eye on social media

Your social networks are a great platform to let your customers know what your brand is up to if there’s new releases or any new information you may wanna transmit, but it’s also where lots of them post their opinions. Don’t be afraid to engage with them and create a conversation, and most importantly, remember they’re called social networks for a reason; remember to be active on them and reply to the messages you get, they’re not just displays for the things you're trying to sell.

2. Keep your team in sync

We’ve talked about how communication is key for a successful team before, but we cannot stress it enough. If you feel like someone else might have a better insight into a customer’s problem, get their input! At the end of the day, we’re looking to deliver the best experience possible for our consumers and they will be thankful for a proper answer.

3. Listen to feedback

Nothing will tell you what your customers want or need better than your customers themselves, don’t take it for granted! It will let you identify problems you might haven't noticed and help improve whatever product or service you’re offering which can’t be prejudicial in any way.

This has worked for us and we hope it works for you too. What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned through your customers?

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