Improved support ticket information in Trello - Freshdesk power-up

It has been a few months since the SoftwareDevTools team released the Freshdesk power-up in the Trello directory, we have received a lot of great feedback from Trello users. The goal of the power-up is to keep team communication flowing smoothly to deliver exceptional customer support throughout both platforms.

We have been very big fans of how Trello can easily manage any type of information, sometimes it’s broad scope makes it challenging for users to get a good grip on its full potential. But once you have it setup and the team agrees on the way boards are configured, there's nothing you can't do with Trello boards and cards.

For your customer support, Freshdesk is clearly one of the most robust help desk ticketing solutions in the SaaS market. That is why we decided to build the Freshdesk power-up during last summer's Connect Week Austin and we had a blast, here you can see our developer Marco Alvarado pitch the Trello power-up at the Atlassian event.

Increasing collaboration with a customer support power-up.

Now we have hundreds of customer support agents collaborating with cross-functional teams to create a great help desk experience through attaching or creating Trello cards in Freshdesk tickets. We have some great support from the development team’s at both Trello and Freshdesk, so a big shoutout to Bentley, Tony, Rajiv, Soumitra, Jayaram and Vikram who have been guiding us through the creation and launch of both products.

Once you launch a SaaS product you immediately start receiving feedback from those early adopters that become power users, we would like to thank Puarot, Amido and for believing in the user experience we wanted to build but most importantly for expressing their opinions to push the team to build a great product. Without you, the integration between a help desk and information management platforms would not have had such a success in both the Freshdesk marketplace and the Trello directory.

Discussing the potential of Trello, their current SDK has some great features that let you embed a lot of information into a card and we knew that we needed to display clearly some of the key information from the Freshdesk support ticket inside a Trello card; so in our most recent release of the Freshdesk Power-up you know can see the comments and attachments updated by a support agent.

Freshdesk support ticket information inside a Trello card.

We have been designing a visually appealing experience for Trello users to interact with comments made by customer support agents in Freshdesk. We wanted to achieve that support teams keep the conversation flowing during the whole help desk process and every team member can understand the context that a particular support ticket is in.

We know that attachments provide more information if you can see them, so we built a modal view so users can view all of the documents and images shared among team members in a support ticket.

Also, we have designed a new format for the support ticket information being displayed on the Trello card. Now you can see the requester name, the status, the priority and the source inside of the card.

In this updated version of the Freshdesk power-up, we have enabled a modal view so the Trello users can easily navigate all the information being updated by support agents during their customer support workflows.

This will improve collaboration between teams and let them know if the Status and Priority of the support ticket has changed. In the preview of the ticket, you will click on View Details to access this modal view and see the improvements in how it displays the information.

Our work is just beginning and we will keep improving the Freshdesk power-up and the Trello help desk app. So please let us know if you would like to see other improvements or suggestions on new features to add.

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