We won! -- Pitney Bowes SMB Hackathon

On previous blogs we talked about our experience on the Pitney Bowes SMB Hackathon where we participated by creating an integration between MercadoLibre and Freshdesk. It enables vendors to manage their customer support through their Freshdesk account, by being able to solve tickets made from questions by users about any of their products, getting the information needed to answer it without leaving Freshdesk.

The hackathon had 5 themes: E-Commerce enablement, SMB Productivity, Streamline Shipping Operations, Increase International PResence and Open Innovation where prizes were given for the best use of the Pitney Bowes’, Paypal Checkout’s and Freshwork’s APIs.

The competition had a participation of 1500 developers with 161 idea submissions that included chat bots, marketing solutions, document management solutions, among others. A few weeks have gone by since the event and the organizers have officially announced the winners.

The SoftwareDevTools team is very pleased to announce that we are one of them! Our MercadoLibre + Freshdesk integration was the winner of the best use of the Freshworks API.

We’re very proud to see our little app succeed and feel very thankful for the opportunity this Hackathon has brought to our team. We had been thinking about developing this integration for quite some time now and it was perfect timing for us! We got to explore the MercadoLibre API while also getting feedback from their’s and Freshwork’s team and that allowed us to present an integration that solves the problem of having to go back and forth between platforms to provide customer support.

The goal for the hackathon was to create innovative tools for SMBs to help them compete in global markets and we believe the MercadoLibre + Freshdesk integration does exactly that.

During our process we followed an already established workflow on how we would work on this, and you can learn more about it plus other tips and tricks for Hackathons on this blog entry by Monica.

Here’s to many more Hackathons in the future!

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