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It has been a very busy week for the SoftwareDevTools team, some of our teammates are hacking away a Stride app in Portland as part of the AppWeek event which is organized by Atlassian. I am heading to Paris to take part in the inaugural Saastr Europa conference where 1,800+ entrepreneurs, developers, designers and investors from Europe will be engaging in conversations about every aspect of building, launching and support a Software as a Service product.

We need to give the Saastr team some credit for putting on a great program and really looking forward to knowing and hearing first hand from founders who have created successful ventures in the SaaS industry.

One key aspect is marketing and sales, which is what I am really looking forward to talks from Pipedrive, StackOverflow, and Stripe. As everyone that is reading this knows, you cannot make a great product without a great team; there will be several talks around collaboration and building teams.

If you are attending Saastr Europa, look me up in the conference app or send us a tweet at @softwaredevtool.

SaaS revenue is driven by Sales & Marketing.

This has been one of those challenges for product teams that are technical oriented, SoftwareDevTools was created through an internal innovation program at Nearsoft; so many of the team are more product driven. Finding a balance between what is being built and what is being communicated was a steep learning curve.

It was through creating a team dedicated to marketing our products and communicating how it would help users achieve their goals, which could be avoided group thinking while doing a scrum retrospective or communicating their daily standup; we started to think how this could drive sales. It took us a while to achieve a good balance.


I am really excited to hear the panel discussion around Sales and Marketing with Chief Revenue Officers from Saastr, Pendo, and Anaplan. Which I am hoping can shine some more light into the best practices to enable better collaboration between sales and marketing.

Here are some of the learnings we have from building and launching several apps in the Atlassian and Freshdesk marketplace:

  • Videos play a big part in on-boarding your prospects, do not overestimate it.

  • Make sure the copy is the aligned between your landing page and marketplace description.

  • Understand that prospects will need several weeks or months, depending on how big their organization is. Be patient and do not lose hope.

  • When you are doing a sales call, try to understand how the prospect is reacting to what you are showing them (hopefully through a video call).

  • Do not underestimate their requirements to make a buying decision, try to find patterns in users so you can adapt your sales pitch.

Many product teams are discussing the benefits of an agile culture and enterprise organizations are building their innovation programs in industries that are new to SaaS, cloud computing is making deployment of solutions much faster and easier to maintain. This will certainly accelerate the digitalization of business process across all verticals and industries, from human resources to sales are leveraging SaaS to stay competitive.

I will write about what will be discussed in another post, but for now, it seems that the SaaS industry is one of the most exciting verticals in software development. With many companies integrating several platforms to enhance their business process and keep an edge on their competitors, software is indeed eating the world one vertical at a time.

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