New release! Our Stand-bot for Jira goes Server

Today is a very exciting day for SoftwareDevTools. When we first released our Stand-bot app for Slack, it was amusing since it was a tool that would help remote teams collaborate more efficiently; something that we’ve been obsessed since the beginning of times.

Being a distributed team ourselves with teammates in different cities and time zones, being able to communicate effectively has always been a top priority for us. Not only to have everyone on the loop but to increase the productivity as a team.

It is because we understand this situation, that developing our Slack Stand-bot for Jira, an app that allows teams to run standups asynchronously, was very satisfying. Until a few hours ago, Stand-bot ran exclusively for Jira Cloud, which brings us to reveal the great news we talked about in the opening phrase: after weeks of hard work, we are proud to announce that Stand-bot is now available for Jira Server and it’s ready to be checked out in the Atlassian Marketplace!

So what’s changing?

Working in Jira Server means to run a Jira instance located directly in your own server installation and have a custom domain and configuration. This allows teams to protect their information with the level of security that the organization needs.

We are very pleased to release Stand-bot for Jira Server for the possibilities it represents: Jira Server is perfect for large, flexible and organized companies, which is a perfect use case for remote teams that run stand-ups in several time zones.

Stand-bot allows teams to run asynchronous dailies where team members share updates on the tasks they’ve been working on, what has been completed and if there’s any blockers while updating them on assigned Jira issues to track performance. Bringing all this potential to the Jira Server platform will power-up your team workflow and will make easier to keep track of what's happening on your team.

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Jocelyn Ledezma

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