Integrating Stride and Jira at Atlassian's AppWeek 2018

At SoftwareDevTools, one of our favorite activities is attending events that are organized in the software development industry, so you can expect our excitement about being part of this week’s (June 11th to June 15th) Atlassian App Week in Portland. App Week is an evolution of their Connect Week event that allows teams to work with designers, product managers and developers from the Atlassian team to create new apps or taking already existing ones to a new level.

App Week is a perfect opportunity for teams like ours who create apps for the Atlassian Marketplace like our Agile Retrospectives for Jira and Confluence or our Freshdesk and Trello app. We can’t wait to meet everybody there and have a talk with Kelly Snow from the Design Ecosystem, as well as Tanguy Crusson, one of the Atlassian Product Manager at Stride. These kind of 1-on-1 meetings that they provide serve as a fantastic mean to not only get feedback on our products but also see how to use their platforms as an advantage and learning new tips and tricks.


What are we working on during the event?

On this year’s edition we will be working on a new product for one of Atlassian’s platforms: Stride. Having developed a Stand-bot app for Stride during StrideCon last year, we’re no strangers to it, so what’s next for this bot? We believe that teams that are working with Jira should be able to report their status on their assigned issues just like they do during their team dailies; that is the reason we'll be working on a Jira integration.

During our stay in Portland, our goal is to create an integration that allows team members to connect the Bot to their Jira backlogs, so it’s simple and easy to report the issues that have been worked on in a seamless way, as well as reporting their tickets while sending their status and seeing it on their Jira projects.

We will be posting updates on all our different channels about our work and the Atlassian App Week itself, so don’t be shy and come to say hi to us on our official profiles :)

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