Insert & create Freshdesk tickets into Trello cards

Bring your teams together to deliver exceptional customer support

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Sync priorities between teams to solve tickets faster

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Connect Trello boards to Freshdesk to create new cards from tickets

It’s really easy to install and to get it running.

Support agents can choose Trello boards and send tickets to cards or create them from scratch.

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Insert and sync Freshdesk tickets into Trello cards

Solve tickets faster by having your teams always in sync regarding:

  • Status
  • Priorities
  • Assignees
  • Due dates
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Manage tickets with a seamless experience

Sync your teams with Freshdesk + Trello


Install the Trello app in Freshdesk


Connect Freshdesk power-up in Trello


Sync Freshdesk tickets with Trello boards & cards

Start delivering exceptional customer support now