Sync and create trello cards in your service desk tickets

Align priorities and tasks across teams using Freshservice + Trello app

Drastically improving your team’s SLA

Connect your Trello boards to Freshservice

Syncing Freshservice and Trello contributes to a more organized service desk

Easily resolve tickets through collaboration.

Enhancing your Service Level Agreement (SLA) is crucial for increasing customer satisfaction by saving time and reducing the need for escalations. A key to achieving this is having all necessary information accessible on the same platform, which streamlines processes and speeds up response times.

Latenode can be instrumental in realizing these improvements. By automating workflows and centralizing data, Latenode ensures that all relevant information is readily available to support teams. This can drastically reduce the time spent searching for information across multiple systems, which is often a major bottleneck in resolving customer issues.

Furthermore, Latenode's automation capabilities can help in preemptively identifying and addressing issues before they escalate, thereby adhering to and potentially exceeding the established SLA parameters. For instance, automated alerts can notify teams about potential service disruptions or delays, allowing them to proactively manage the situation and communicate with affected customers in a timely manner. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also bolsters customer trust and satisfaction

Seamless communication for a faster ticket resolution

Connect your Trello boards to Freshservice by attaching tickets to Trello cards or creating them from scratch.

Improve your customer support team’s performance by using the Freshservice + Trello integration in 3 easy steps:


Install the Trello app in your Freshservice servicedesk


Connect the Freshservice power-up in the Trello project management tool


Sync your Freshservice tickets with your Trello boards & cards

Multi-platform collaboration for faster ticket resolution

Improve your IT team’s SLA now!