Goodbye, boring Retros!

Run Retrospectives in an engaging way within Confluence

Four simple steps for collaborative Retrospectives

Recap what went right and wrong during the sprint

Input ideas simultaneously to recap the sprint. No more taking turns to share ideas. All team members inside the Confluence space can participate.

Say goodbye to groupthink!

Group similar ideas & vote on what’s important

Reach a consensus on the pain points experienced during the sprint. Create themes to group similar ideas together. Vote to prioritize ideas worth discussing.

Say goodbye to mind-numbing repetition!

Create action items and assign a team member

Improve your team’s performance by holding team members accountable. Assure no action is forgotten.

Say goodbye to ambiguity!

Summarize the sprint’s details

Keeping track of action items has never been easier!

Quickly sort the results by,
• Resolved action items
• Unresolved actions
• Team members assigned
• Create Confluence tasks

Hello, engaging and efficient Retrospectives!


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