Improve your customer support for Mercado Libre and increase your sales!

Connect your Freshdesk help desk account with your MercadoLibre profile. Improved efficiency and quality of your communications with customers.

Select which events will trigger the creation of tickets
Define tickets' default priority value
manage mercadolibre freshdesk questions
Questions posted in your publications
manage mercadolibre freshdek sales
Sales of your products
manage mercadolibre freshdesk messages
Post-sale messages from your customers

Connect your MercadoLibre and Freshdesk accounts, all of your interactions in one place and with all of the relevant information

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Provide context about all of your clients' communication, and generate more sales.

Questions created in your product listings appear as Freshdesk tickets.

Pre-define the level of priority for tickets created from questions.

Agents can see all of the information about a product inside the Freshdesk ticket.

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Sales & support team respond using Freshdesk. All answers are visible in your MercadoLibre product page.

Keep a record of each question and your agent’s answer inside the ticket.

See what the user has previously asked and the answers that were given.

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Create Freshdesk tickets everytime a sale is closed or when a post-sale message is sent through MercadoLibre

Contact your clients and thank them for their business!

Answer your post-sale inquiries from your MercadoLibre clients from Freshdesk.

Improve your customer support in your Mercado Libre store