Agile Anti-patterns

Agile Anti-Patterns

Most software developer teams strive to become agile, but certain practices prevent them from truly enjoying the benefits of the Agile Software development methodology. We at SoftwareDevTools want to help every large and remote team to adopt Agile methodologies. We do so by making it easier for these teams to host agile ceremonies like ScrumPoker & Retrospectives using their existing tools like Atlassian's Jira or Confluence. But we are aware that there are many things that teams do that do not necessarily help the agility of the team.

We researched the most common mistakes teams make while trying to become agile and compiled them in the following list:

  1. Lacking an established product vision
  2. Focusing on contract negotiation
  3. Sticking to a plan
  4. Avoiding change
  5. Lack of leadership
  6. Not having a backlog
  7. Not involving the whole team in estimation meetings
  8. Not using planning poker
  9. Overcommitting for iterations
  10. Missing stand-ups
  11. Poor communication
  12. Lack of focus
  13. Too many meetings
  14. Constant interruptions
  15. No teamwork
  16. Poor team structure
  17. Micro-managing
  18. Focusing on documentation
  19. Dismissing innovative ideas
  20. Ignoring customer feedback
  21. Infrequent delivery & releases
  22. No code reviews
  23. Testing late
  24. Few retrospective meetings
  25. Not having Demo meetings

It is important to remember that there is no rigid standard to how agile should be implemented; the Agile Manifesto simply provides the foundation upon which teams can build their software development.
Nevertheless, making sure you avoid the previously listed practices can ensure a better adoption of agile and a more efficient software development team. If you are looking to get started with Scrum, this guide might be helpful to get to know more about what you'll need to adopt Scrum.

We have faced some of these issues ourselves, especially since working with a remote team. For that very same reason, we worked on tools for Agile events such as standup meetings (Here are some tips for your standups), retrospectives (Checkout What are retrospectives, and why you should be having them) & estimations. We would like to keep working on that task. Check them all out at and tell us what you think we can improve!

Don't forget to also checkout what are the Key Elements of an Agile culture.

Trying to improve your #Agile practices? OR are you getting started with Agile? Are you in a remote team? Check out our products for Agile teams at SoftwareDevTools. We focus on making agile ceremonies more effective and easier to adopt for remote teams.

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Agile transformation for distributed teams needs the right tools. At SoftwareDevTools we focus on building tools that enable #Agile in remote teams. Real-time collaboration and productive discussions.

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