Atlassian Summit San Jose 2017

The next bounce of the ball at Atlassian Summit.

We have been following closely what Atlassian has been doing for the last 18 months, and it has been quite a journey. From participating in the Summit in Barcelona to being part of their Connect Week programs (Now called #AppWeek), we have been in the USA and Europe enjoying every part of the voyage.

But it all comes down to the last Summit of the year when everything will be unfolding into what to expect for 2018. Atlassian did not let us down and it just announced Stride two days ago, so a lot of the developers will be excited to see what they will showcase this week at the San Jose Convention Center.

For us it will be a good week in which we will be showcasing our latest JIRA apps such as the Stand-bot for asynchronous stand-ups’ add-on to import your backlog to a Slack group. For our Confluence apps we will be showing how to customize our Agile Retrospective app, now you can add up to four columns to your retro and do 4 L’s, Sailboat, Glad-Sad-Mad, or any other type of retrospective your team can come up with. (UPDATE: We now have an Agile Retrospectives for Jira version of the app.)

Now we will share what makes it worth the trip and the expense to be at Summit and also talk about what can you expect from Atlassian in 2018.

Marketplace partners & experts in one place.

One of the main events for Atlassian Marketplace vendors is definitely Partner Day in which we get together with many Atlassian Experts and Partners from all the world, we had the chance to be part of some great events these last few months meeting some great companies such as Comalatech, Deiser, Xmatters, Freshworks and more.

It is an opportunity to interact with developers who are working in some of the most important business processes in the world while building apps for platforms such as JIRA, Confluence, Hipchat, Bitbucket and now Trello, who is the recent acquisition; at Summit we will be showcasing the Trello Power-up we built for Freshdesk this partnership started in Barcelona and now we will be launching it during this annual event in San Jose.

Anyone interested in exploring the Atlassian ecosystem should be at Summit, where you will have the chance to interact with the global community of developers, IT Administrators, Scrum Masters, Product Managers and Customer Support users of Atlassian platforms.

While attending Atlassian Summit you can get first-hand feedback from the vendors on the expo floor, the meetups and networking opportunities from Atlassian User Group leaders and members; regarding all these topics:

  • Scaling Atlassian platforms.
  • Administration of JIRA, Confluence & Bitbucket.
  • Managing users and security.
  • Implementing better workflows.
  • Optimization of business processes.
  • Discover new Apps in the Marketplace.
  • Real business use cases.

Ship It is a must-see event at Summit, you will get to see what the Atlassian community can build in a couple of months of work and have a great time during the presentations.

Check out these video from the 2017 Barcelona Summit:

Some great add-on’s where launched in the 2016 Ship It in San Jose:

Real cases to innovate in your organization.

Getting ahead of your competitors will happen if you stay in the loop of the most recent innovations and processes that the innovators are implementing, for example in last year’s Summit we saw a great presentation from Adam Hynes talking about remote work inside Atlassian, some focus on the new business trends that teams are exploring. For product managers, you will find lots of nuggets such as this talk by Sherif Mansour in which he discussed Product Roadmaps for agile teams.

For the most part, you will have a lot of conversations into growing the potential of your team, one of the biggest takeaways from last year’s Summit was the Team Playbook that Atlassian uses in their daily activities which bring transparency and helps team work together to achieve their goals.

Some takeaways from the playbook are:

Helps you pinpoint the root problem.
Symptoms vs Problems, you can take a step back to uncover the real cause of the problem.
Understand how that problem is affecting your customers.

Making group decisions is tough, so these are some steps to make it more balanced.
Create a shared understanding of the problem.
You take considerations from all the people involved in the project.

All about user research, which our team believes is the stepping stone to identify the real problems a user has.
Creating personas so the whole team understands who they are building the product or service for.

Create a visual representation of the final product.
Visualizing the deliverables is a key part of getting the team aligned to deliver a product or service.
Get feedback during every step of the project, so you do not have blind spots.

All these topics that we have mentioned in this posts are just the tip of the iceberg of what happens during Atlassian Summit. If you cannot make it for the in-person event, you have the option to see it during the Atlassian Summit live stream.

So make sure you do not miss the Summit in Barcelona for 2018. See you there :)

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