Connecting With People at Atlassian Connect Week

I’m Misael Leon, a Product Designer from the SoftwareDevTools team. The team and I recently attended Atlassian’s Connect Week 2017 in Austin, TX. We embarked ourselves on the mission of creating a bi-directional integration between Trello & Freshdesk. The result was the Freshdesk + Trello Power up.

On the following lines, I will make a case about why it's essential to stay connected with the people in the industry you work in.

“What Industry?”, you might say. “There is no Industry, there are only people”. I strongly agree with that.

What we build at Atlassian Connect Week

To bring teams together to deliver exceptional customer support. I’d say true magic happens when members of a team are REALLY in sync and understand precisely what they’re supposed to do. The problem is that oftentimes, the team is plagued with poor communication, sometimes because they simply don’t have the right tool or process. Then efforts are not focused in solving the customer issue and you get an angry customer at the end of that story. An angry customer is the last thing we want, right?

With our Freshdesk & Trello integration, we’re solving the issue of Support teams not being in perfect sync with the people in charge of working out the problem, teams that don’t have direct access to the support platform but utilizes Trello to manage their workload. You can watch the demo we gave of our integration during the event right here:

Our goal was to complete all the user flows required to install both applications on their respective platform, then allowing users to create a ticket on Freshdesk and send it as a card on Trello. But also to create a Freshdesk ticket from within a Trello card. It’s really simple, actually. We had a lot of questions to solve from both sides. Lucky for us, the right people were at the event.

SoftwareDevTools Team

“What Industry?”, you might say. “There is no Industry, there are only people”. I strongly agree with that. -Misael

Why Atlassian Connect Week?

Atlassian has found the perfect way to bring marketplace vendors in contact with the teams in charge of building the products we’re connecting to. The event is basically a one-week hackathon where the mission is to create an add-on to power up Confluence, JIRA, Trello, and/or the rest of their product suite. But when you think again the event is actually about connecting people with the same passion and drive to build solutions that matter.

With the help of the Trello team, we were able to simplify the user authentication process. Before this week, we were using a token to identify the user credentials, but the user had to go to a special URL and get that key, then come back to enter it. Now with the help of the Trello’s team, users now must only click a simple button and the installation is complete.

By using other successful Trello power-ups as an example, they provided feedback to simplify the selection of Trello cards while creating a Freshdesk ticket. They suggested using a search field to easily find the content to attach the ticket to.

Thanks to the help of Anthony Marnell, Manager of Business Development and Bentley Cook, Developer Advocate from Trello, we simplified the experience even more for our users (You can’t miss this interview we did with Bentley in a previous event and the blog post about Remote work at Trello. Bentley is a pretty cool guy).

Working remotely comes with its benefits and challenges. I agree that by having the right tools you can find the perfect workarounds for remote meetings. The perfect example is running estimations meetings or retrospective sessions. But when a developer is blocked with a particular framework of the product he’s connecting with, there is no substitute for direct contact with their creators. That’s why connecting with the right people at… well, Connect Week, works and it works perfect.

Getting the Right Resources at Connect Week

Building an add-on for the Atlassian Marketplace not only entails getting the code right. It also requires have a complete strategy from Design to Marketing. Katrina Morales, Product Marketing Manager Ecosystem, shared her marketing wisdom during her “Marketing Your Add-on” talk. She mentioned that the #1 source of traffic to Atlassian Marketplace is organic search, for the simple reason that customers are just trying to resolve a particular problem. So they search for that.
It was amazing to have all these tweaks and knowledge to be successful directly from the person in charge to promote the marketplace itself. Here are some of her insights:

Tips for a successful listing at Atlassian Marketplace:

• Aim for reviews of 3 stars or higher (out of 4)

• Communicate the value that the add-on brings to the product.

• Provide support details and clear documentation.

• Make sure updates are well documented in the version history.

Tips for Engaging with the Community:

• Provide support and feature request feedback through a simple form, this way they know the add-on is constantly evolving.

• Let customers and prospects know you care by responding to all reviews.

• Utilize email because is universal, effective, and affordable. Also is the preferred communication channel Atlassian consumers.

We recently wrote a very informative blog post about her talk: “Marketing your Atlassian Add-on

Connecting with People is Amazing

Connecting at Atlassian Connect Week Without a doubt, the experience that I cherish the most from the event is having the opportunity to connect with amazingly talented people that share the same passion as us. Yes, they are the experts to solve most of our questions, but they’ve also have become friends over the course of the week. We also talked about other things we like and some plans for the future.

Atlassian Connect Week is great to learn more about technology, business, and tools, but its true value resides in connecting with people in your same industry.

What Industry? There are only people.

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