Scrum Poker app for Jira - helping agile teams with project estimates.

It's been close to two years since we launched our Scrum Poker estimates for Confluence. We heard back from our clients and users who evaluated the app but sadly have not become paid clients. The first question they would ask was: Is this available for Jira?

Just a quick reminder that our Scrum Poker Confluence app is compatible with your Jira backlog: you need to install an extra app which is Scrum Poker Confluence Jira Integration so you can link your Confluence and Jira instances.

We have been quite busy these last couple of months launching Power-ups for Trello and building the Stand-up bot on Stride; so we had not gotten around to developing the Jira app for our Scrum Poker…...until now!

As of now the Scrum Poker Estimates for Jira app is available in the Atlassian Marketplace and we have improved its performance so teams can play Planning Poker for their projects’ estimates. Now Scrum Masters can work with the remote and distributed teams and estimate directly in their Jira backlog.

Sprint planning for remote and distributed agile teams.

We built this app thinking about those teams that are not in the same building or physical space. We are firm believers that high performance teams can be remote, so we build tools that enable them to communicate much faster to reach their goals.

For us, making the Scrum Poker app was all about those Scrum Masters that have to start their sprint planning with members that are not in the same location. So what we want to achieve is for teams to estimate without groupthink, which makes project estimates tricky for teams that are not in the same room.

We added a viewer role so stakeholders can participate in the sprint planning sessions and give scrum teams all the necessary input to generate a good discussion to arrive to more accurate estimates.

For Scrum Masters we provide the necessary planning poker deck with the most common cards like Fibonacci, Man hours, Days, Yes/No and T-shirt size so it can fit into any agile team project estimates. We want to provide an app that can help teams collaborate in a fun and engaging way. Facilitating conversations is the best way to arrive to group consensus and make your next sprint planning start with an aligned team.

Facilitating sprint planning for agile teams.

One of the easiest ways to facilitate teams to engage during a sprint planning session is to give them all the information they need. An overlooked aspect are those estimated sessions the team has done before in order for every member to have a perspective on the issues that will be estimated during sprint planning. This is something crucial for us, having an archive for the team to review in future sessions will be a key component for teams to draw a good estimate.

Most of the time, estimating a backlog can extend the time allocated by the team, this happens to all of us. We have incorporated a feature so teams can estimate a backlog in several sessions, that way the team can continue with the sprint planning. Not all of the team members have to be in it, that way stakeholders and the necessary team members can continue with the estimates. No more excuses, the team and the Scrum Master can move forward in their sprint planning process.

Now estimating a Jira backlog will be a collaborative experience and issue estimates can be divided in several sessions so there is no hurry to draw estimates, making groupthink a thing of the past.

Please check out the Scrum Poker Estimates for Jira app. Scrum Masters and agile practitioners will enjoy the ease of use, stakeholders can now take part in estimating the project scope, and everyone can pitch in your next spring planning.

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