Workflows & Trello power-up’s for customer support teams.

Now more than ever we have seen the impact of technology through many organizations from 2006 to 2016 there has been lot’s of innovation sprouting all over the globe and collaboration software has been a big part of it. We at SoftwareDevTools have been working hard to improve how teams work.

The way people are communicating is growing fast and mobile has been pushing for faster ways of interaction, now user experience is at the forefront of this transition. Because it is making sure that communication is seamless, unpacking all the possibilities for interaction and data sharing.

Now that we are finding the best ways to engage with your team and making the most of their resources, at the forefront is time. That precious resource that we are scrambling to get the most off, it is limited and crucial to execute business processes. With IT Support and helpdesk teams, it is something that is precious to their end user and thus making it crucial for their support process.

Trello has been a platform used by lot’s of teams to engage and share information throughout organizations. With the ability to extend its potential through Power-up’s you can create excellent workflows for your customer support agents. We will discuss three of them and share some Power-up’s that will help you set them up.

Accurate and timely information.

For many support teams that are working in delivering an onsite solution, being able to locate the client and giving him the support, they need on premises. Platforms such as Freshdesk, JIRA Service Desk, and Zendesk provide all the information on a CRM platform, so agents can access all the information in a central location and update the status on support tickets, if you need solution for a small number of clients, this video to create a Help Desk board is quite good.

Managing time in different parts of the world is crucial, it will provide the best context to communicate in a client current time (big difference from morning and evening) and most importantly solve the support ticket when they can see it, this will make an impact on the perception of the support received. The Card Aging Power-up is a great way to manage those tasks that have not been worked on or are pending.


Most support platforms manage Due Dates for support tickets and also the priority inside the helpdesk platform giving everyone in the team the necessary context to know the level of service needed for the issue. Sometimes this crucial piece of information is left behind and then team members are not aligned in the urgency to solve the issue, creating uneven priorities in a team. That is something you can take care of with the Trello Power-up for Freshdesk, Zendesk, and JIRA.

Remember that timely responses will be under the expectations of your customers, so you will have to be aware that you have to place processes focused on their time and sometimes this means to block out times of overlap and be clear to them when you can give them direct support.

Maintaining context.

If you want everyone to be in “the loop”, you will have to guarantee access to the information and the updates done by the team in all the different states of the support ticket life cycle. For some team members, it will mean having the customers information, others will need the information on the project, product or service where the client is having issues/questions, now most of the information is accessible on file sharing platforms such as Drive, Box, ZoHo, Azure, Amazon Web Services and more.

This is where Trello starts to shine since most of these platforms already have support throughout Power-up’s and teams can share links, these Trello extensions can create snippets of the information being shared giving more context to cards and board’s created. For developers access to repositories is crucial in order to solve software issues from their clients, so check out the Bitbucket, GitLab and Github power-ups.

Designers are also part of the customer support team, sometimes they are left behind in this and might not be as solicited as their more technical team members. But they also need to share information with the support team, you can find lots of resources like Droplr, Wireframe Pro, Confluence and other power-up’s that designers use in their activities.

Make sure to find the right Trello Power’up’s your support and the rest of the team might need to create the right workflow and be able to give the right type of customer support your product needs in order to compete in their industry.
Trello Powerup Customer success is based on the client’s perspective on how you serve them to achieve their goals.

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