5 steps to Killer Retros (infographic)

Retrospectives are one of the most important ceremonies that agile teams use as part of their efforts. This ceremony allows the team to extern their problems and achievements based on the sprint they just finished.

Some of the most common problems that retrospectives face come up when the teams don't know how to structure their ceremony or they don't have the correct steps to follow and ensure the member's participation. Working remotely makes this even harder.

But Retrospectives are very necessary for continuous improvement in all teams, remotes, or not. That's why we want to share with you:

5 steps to killer retros, a quick guide to help your team make the most of this Agile ceremony. We took inspiration from Derby, Larsen & Schwaber's book. Check it out:

1. Think: Allow members to individually express ideas that will help the team to be more efficient. Recap what went right and wrong during the sprint.

2. Group: Assign a moment for the team to collaboratively go over all the ideas and group them by topic.

3. Vote: Efficient retrospectives don’t address all topics at the same time. Identify pain points and prioritize ideas worth discussing.

4. Discuss: Focus on the most important topics and collaboratively decide what's the best solution. Define specific action items.

5. Assign: Assigning tasks is the best way to increase accountability. Go over the resulting action items and encourage your team to take ownership.

There you have! Efficient agile retrospectives in just 5 steps.

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