Why having agile ceremonies makes your team more transparent

Agile teamwork is characterized by having its values based on transparency, inspection, and adaptation. These values are very important to any Agile team. These allow the team to be aware of the process they're working on and fix the problems when it is needed before they become a threat to the project itself. But transparency doesn’t have to be exclusive for agile teams, actually, it is very helpful for all teams and even more for remote ones. That's why we are sharing with you the importance of having agile ceremonies in your team.

First of all, what is transparency?
Transparency is about giving notoriety to those activities that the process has and making more obvious why it is important to have those activities in your work; all this with the necessity to show the rest of the teams in an organization the activities that can bring more value to our work and our results.

Organizational transparency

How to achieve transparency in Agile Methodologies?

Host the ceremonies:

Ceremonies are very important for agile teams, not just because they create value on their own. But because the ceremonies bring transparency to our team. Let's check every ceremony and look at why it is important for transparency in our companies.

Sprint planning: this ceremony gives more sense to the teams about the work they are going to do during the next sprint, helping to prioritize our tasks. In that way the team will have the opportunity to discuss with your team the activities necessary for the next increment, your team will have a better sense of what type of job they will be doing during the sprint and decide by their self the burden they could take at the end. Helping the team to be more transparent and honest.

This time also allows being more transparent because the members can give their own opinions about the burden and to determinate is the activities ar enough or if it is much work for just the sprint, you can listen to how the efforts are going to be or if they feel like it is difficult to work.

Estimations are not easy and accurate for the first time. But with practice, team members will become more accurate and determine on their own if they are going to achieve the next incrementation. Check out our tool to help your remote team to achieve accurate estimations.

Daily Standups: some teams underestimate the value that daily standups could have. The truth is that this daily ceremony helps the team to be more communicative in their work process which means be more transparent. Even if you decide to not have it every day, having this ceremony 2 or 3 times per week will help your team to be conscious about the way that the teams are achieving the goals from the current sprint. Also, help the team to show their most common blocker because they have the opportunity to show their own work, helping the team to understand the other problems and encouraging help within members.

But the most important thing is if you encouraging a safe environment. Team members can accept that they are having trouble or that is going to be more delays than expected, making the team aware of the possible risk but most important to find solutions before having troubles during the sprint.

Daily standups might be boring for some teams. But we have Standbot, and an incredible way to have standups without meetings, save time, and have all the benefits that standups have in teams.

Retrospectives: as agile teams, retrospectives are the perfect time to inspect and adapt; but even if the ceremonies are valuable for creating an environment where constant improvement is necessary, is important because make the teams more aware about the problems and complication that they are having constantly. This means that they can find better solutions and be more committed during the next sprint. This kind of notoriety encourages a better sense of their own performance and determines if the way they are working is right and also define a better job the next sprint if they need to change their performance based on the work they have.

Retrospectives are perfect to take in consideration the opinions and gather data, in consequence, make it easier to have a bigger picture about what are the problems, communicate, inspect, and understand the position and opinion from our members.

Another incredible ways to make your remote team more transparent are:

  • Encourage good communication: Make some social meetings (in case of remote teams) and listen actively to your members.

  • Having important information available: if the information is available for all of your team remember they will feel more secure and go back to important information can make all the process more transparent and ease the process of sharing information

  • Set well-structured goals: goals help the team to focus more on the process and also helps the team to make their job based on the company’s necessities

  • Encourage feedback: feedback makes members notice their weakness and be more aware of the points of improvement that the team needs. Be conscious of the deficiencies that we could have made it easier if we had transparency in our teams.

Transparency is very important to make the team more committed to their work. If they understand why their work is important, they'll become more involved, and find more solutions is easier. Find the ways to make your own ceremonies and increase the transparency that your team needs.

Transparency with agile ceremonies can be difficult for remote teams, check out our tool to bring more transparency to your teams.