Don't let your daily stand-up turn into a meeting

Daily Standups or Daily scrum, is an event that takes place in most of the cases every day where the principal topic is talking about the progress of your team and realizes if you are going in the right path to finish the sprint.

You can add some important topics for your company but remember these meetings are short, it would take 15 minutes maximum. Here are come tips if you're getting meetings.

How to do a stand-up without a meeting?

For some remote teams have a daily meeting is almost impossible. You could be thinking What if I’m in a remote team? Well, we want to tell you about the best tool to do Daily stand-ups without a meeting, and some tips about how we do it.

Make a report

The best way to run a daily standup without a meeting is through a report. A document where you talk about the work you have been doing is the easiest way to maintain all the information organized and have a record about the performance of the team.

Have clear what you have to report.

72% of workers want to have set clear objectives. As the name says, is a daily standup, for that reason, your update is going to be short. In some cases, some teams don’t do it like these but it has to keep it simple. The important thing is to see the progress taking in consideration:

  • What are you working with?
  • What will you do till the next meeting?
  • What were the problems in you performance?

You have to maintain those reports as short as possible, so make it relevant and connecting the goals, objectives and key results.

daily scrum

Follow up the blockers.

If you see someone is lengthening the report generally is because it is haven blockers, ensure to talk one-one and see what is happening. It does not work have to make a report if you are not following the work and to take advantage of the information. Besides is easier to read five documents than let them accumulate in your inbox.

Specify how many times the teams have to do a report.

As I said, no all the teams make it every day, for some have a daily report is overwhelmed an unnecessary, so tell all the team how is going to work for them. But is important to all the people know the days they have to do their report.
If you are not making daily, you can divide your week in different teams, thus you ensure to stay on the same topic.

Make everyone participate

It is important that every person in the team report what they are doing, being in agile remote teams demands transparency if your team doesn’t talk about their progress can generate a lot of problems. Besides if you tell your team that makes a report an don’t do it, it is a signal that something is going wrong with the member.

Have the right tool

The right tool is essential for remote teams, that’s why we are going to explain to you how use Stand-bot for your daily scrum.

Once you have installed your bot on the channel you’re going to use:

  • He'll introduce itself and ask you if you want to configure a stand-up. Click on "Yes".

  • Stand-bot will ask you for the time of the stand-up. He'll create the stand-up in your timezone. You can configure the best time for your asynchronous team.

  • Now you can determine how often you want to make the report and define the scrum master or the PM.

  • Stand-bot will send a reminder to each member of the channel to send their status once it's stand-up time.

You can set up any time you want with simple commands.

Benefits of use Stand-Bot for your daily scrum

  • Save time avoiding unnecessary meetings.
  • Access the history of your stand-up reports anytime.
  • Download your stand-up data in PDF or CSV.
  • Overview your team members' daily work.
  • Know who's skipped, who’s pending or has not updates.
  • Increased visibility of blockers to quickly resolve them.

Having the best stand-ups is just practice, try what better fits for your time and remember the importance of good communication. With Stand-bot you can automatize your scrum daily and ensure the improvement of your team.

Also, you can use the sync your stand-up bot with Jira

Daily Stand-up

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