Why prioritizing your tasks will help you to be more productive

Productivity is a very common value that teams and people look for on a day-to-day basis. But productivity is deeper and difficult that just starts your work. It could be more productive for your team to prioritize.

It is very common to have problems if you are trying to work in the entire task at the same time. And this is not just common individually but on team performance. One of the most common ceremonies in agile teams are estimates, this is the ceremony when you define with your team the activities that will be done in the next increment. The main importance of this kind of activity is to avoid work in things less valuables and achieve a delivery more important for the customer. And the best way to do it is by prioritizing.

Some teams incur to avoid this kind of ceremony because they think that is a waste of time but the next points will make you think if keeping avoiding it is healthy for your agile performance.

Focus your work:

In times when quick responses are necessary, it is not anything new to know that prioritizing your task helps you to focus on the tasks you need to do. But the most important is that this not just will help you to start your work, this will make you work with a well-defined goal. Have a clear purpose and a well defines burden will avoid that you start to work on things that don’t create value which will make you more productive, results will arise fastest than the normal and more attached at the results that you expect because when you know where you need to go, find a path is easier.

Save more time:

Well, following with the last point, if you have a clear idea of the necessary results and the path is evident; saving time is just a collateral result of work on significant tasks instead of work on activities less important or that just don’t make sense in the goals. The point is that your workflow becomes more evident allowing your team can start to work easier because you won’t have to waste time finding the next task.  Research shows that for every 1 minute you spend in planning, you will gain 10 in execution.
productive agile teams

You will make more accurate estimates the next time:

Learn to prioritize your tasks will help you to make better the next time. If you try with some burden but at the end of that sprint you notice that the result is not what the team was expecting for, maybe you will feel a little disappointment, but remember that agile teams look for constant improvement and make something bad actually means that you are going to make something better the next time.

Estimations and prioritizing work can be a little difficult at the beginning but remember that doing it is about trial and error. In one way or another, you will learn to do it more accurately and to prioritize better your work. Don’t be sad if you didn’t achieve what you expect, even more, if we are working within new environments for your team.

Estimates are more difficult if you are trying to do it remotely. With the help of your team, you can achieve better results. That’s why we have an excellent ally for you and your team: Scrum poker. It is an excellent tool to achieve more accurate estimations and you can personalize in accordance with the preference of your team’s members.

Define your purpose:

A well-defined purpose can help your team in a lot of ways. But set up your priorities can help you to define your purpose better. Not just because your task will follow the purpose of your company, because you can guide your task-based on the companies needs.

The purpose is very important to create more value not just in your team but in your deliverables and more benefits that you can check here. But with prioritizing your tasks you can have clearest expectations, a well-defined path, and create better and efficient results. Also can help you to redefine your own purpose which is an excellent way to keep improving,

Your team will make decisions easier:

Having well-defined tasks can help your team to perform on their own. This is clearly leagued in the way that you define your backlog, hence in the way you prioritize your tasks. If your members have a clear idea of why they are working on that tasks and why this will create more value, find ways and better solutions is easier, because now the work and the expected results. Which is why prioritizing your work will create a save environment where your members work making their own decision but not far from the company needs.

Create more customer value and customer satisfaction:

By now you could know why prioritizing your tasks create more value for your customers. The reason is very clear, prioritize work can help you not just to finish the work which implies that you are showing a result to your customer. But you not are just finishing something, you have the expected result and so your customer. Have enough time to work allow you to find better solutions and better ways to solve the same problem, and let me tell you: prioritizing your tasks is the begging to achieve better responses.

Increased productivity:

If you take the right time to plan your activities, and defining the work that needs to be done you can increase 25% or more your productivity. Which means more work investing less time.

Increase the spirits of your team:

How do you feel when you notice that you finished that task that was in your errands all this time? It is a very good feeling; imagine that kind of emotion treating of work. Make your team notice that they actually finished their work or they achieve the result just in time is a very good feeling that you need to encourage in your team. With your tasks well prioritized, you can achieve that your team has this sense that their work is taking your team somewhere and feel more motivated to achieve more work done.

Prioritize work will teach you to avoid unnecessary tasks and activities that are taking you valuable time to work on things that really matter. In times where everything looks like important and urgent knows define your work can save a lot of time and create better results.

In Softwaredevtools we want for you the best agile ceremonies and help you to achieve your goals easily, this is why we have some incredible tools that will help you to enhance your remote practices.