Digital and Agile PMO

PMOs are evolving at a faster pace than anticipated. The traditional PMO’s started by providing project delivery support. Soon PMOs became strategic in nature by extending their support to enterprise portfolio management. This was followed by the digital PMO and the Agile PMO.

The future is of ‘Digitally agile PMOs’, which will help the project managers and other key stakeholders to be more agile and predictive at the same time. Facilitating the adoption of agility along with the predictability of the predictive project management.

Agile can be your best option to keep working as a Distributed team. As a Digital and Agile PMO, you need tools to be well structured and process defined to reap all the benefits that Agile has for us. Traditional collaboration tools are not designed to improve Agile performance. You need custom tools specifically designed for Agile Ceremonies.

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