The best way to automate your Daily Standups!

The Daily Standup is one of the most common practices in Agile teams. This ceremony quickly allows sharing information and maintaining all the teams updated about the work process. This ceremony has a lot of benefits for the team culture and the way the team interacts.

Virtual teams are often created specifically to bring together diverse expertise and knowledge, and hence team members need to rely on each other and share knowledge. (...)Findings indicate that in virtual teams increased knowledge sharing is associated with increased team effectiveness. (Source)

In remote teams, Daily standups can be the best trigger to ensure collaboration and transparency in the team. The problem is that the remote team can't have this ceremony just with a videoconference. Here is where tools take place.

Digital tools have become part of "the workspace" for all remote workers. The pillar of remote work are tools, we can't imagine working from home without a chat platform or a videoconference tool. It would be impossible for us to keep interacting and working just by talking with a phone.

With tools, we have the possibility to share information, communicate, and even more important we can achieve more innovation in our strategies. Today we are going to talk about a tool, that automates Daily Standups. First of all:

Gartner’s recognizes “Hyperautomation” - or the augmentation of intelligence to the automation of tasks as a top strategic technological trend. (Source)

Automation can be your best ally to improve the way your team is making daily standups and even better, save the information and discover blockers quickly. All of this with the same tool.

Let's get started!

Daily Standups tool!

The tool that we can use to make automatic Daily Standups is called Stand-bot. As you can imagine this tool helps remote teams to make daily standups and save information at the same time. Also, it is perfect if you are working asynchronously or with workers in different time zones.

How does it work?

  • This tool can be easily linked to your Slack channel and let the bot make it all easier. Once that you Invite Stand-Bot to your Slack channels you can configure the time that works for your team. There is no need to keep scheduling meetings with the team. The Stand-bot will let you know when it's the time!
  • You can select how many stand-ups meetings you want with your team. If you have decided just three per week the Stand-bot will send a notification to all the members that you have selected. No more rescheduling or delays.
  • All members can share their status just by writing them in a usual conversation. The members can avoid the status if they don't have one or send it later.
  • If you are already working in Jira, you can connect it with the bot. Allowing you to easily verify the tickets that have been assigned to you, making it easier to remember your current tasks and speed out the process.
  • Scrum masters receive automatically a report of the team’s *status in Jira *and inside your Slack channel. In this way, they can verify quickly if members are having troubles or blockers.
  • You can forget about saving all the information.

Voilà! Automatic and effective Daily standups.

Remote work can be challenging if we don't work with the correct tools. Now that you know the existence of this incredible tool you can achieve faster & more helpful standups and keep your team informed!

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