In Agile as in life, time is precious

We're used to having everything "on-Demand". The SoftwareDevTools team is happy to share a bit about the importance of time management and shine a light on how a few minutes saved in a meeting, can mean a large number of dollars saved for your company.

Time is a funny thing, we can’t really see it, but our perception of it shapes most of our experiences. The fact that it is unstoppable and limited becomes a constant reminder of the importance of using it wisely.
Precious Agile time In software development, time has position itself as a central idea. We build stuff to save our users precious time, but we also build them in a way that helps us invest our own time for development in the best possible manner, that’s what Agile is all about.

Every step of #Agile methodologies comprises a way to use time in our favor, from estimating to assigning tasks, we’re always looking for the fastest, most efficient way of sharing our ideas of how complex a story is or deciding how much time we can invest in trying a specific way of doing something. (Check out 'How to adopt Scrum in your team')

When creating and applying Agile methodologies in the past years, we’ve been focusing on designing more techniques to better keep up with the high pace of things. There was, for example, Planning Poker or Scrum Poker, a technique for estimating tasks that understood the team’s need to make estimations a natural and fun part of a meeting by using cards, similar to the ones used in poker. Eliminating the need to have long lasting discussions about the complexity of a task and making it a lot easier to generate consensus.

However, for teams that worked in the same place, it made sense to use the cards and get the casino feeling going, then leaving the scrum master to register the results and continue with the process. For remote teams, not that much.

That’s why we came up with Scrum Poker for Confluence & Scrum Poker for Jira, two versions of an app that helps you do estimations by leveraging the communication tools your team already uses, thus saving precious, precious time that otherwise you might have invested in having everyone open a new app, logging in and getting ready, looking for their card set or, even worse, having to travel to meet in person so you can do it with real cards.

You can use Scrum Poker for Jira or Scrum Poker for Confluence and automatically send your estimations to Jira.

Don’t waste any more time, remember that time is precious.

Trying to improve your #Agile practices? OR are you getting started with Agile? Are you in a remote team? Check out our products for Agile teams at SoftwareDevTools. We focus on making agile ceremonies more effective and easier to adopt for remote teams.

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