Refresh18 User Conference - The Evolution of Customer Experience

It has been quite a ride for Freshworks, a company that started offering a Software as a Service help desk solution since it launched in 2010, with a new round of funding from investors like Sequoia (investor in Paypal) and a focus executive team, it has grown it’s software offering to include every area in an organization from Sales, Marketing, IT and Customer Success.

At SoftwareDevTools we are proud Developer Partners since 2016 and we started with a small project that focused on building a solution that help desk agents could use to coordinate and collaborate with other areas. So we started building the Trello app and the Freshdesk power-up which is a bundle solution so anyone can have access to the customer support platform, leveraging the Freshdesk power-up team members can create or link to customer support tickets.

The themes around Refresh18 centered around their users and how Freshworks platforms on top of apps developed by it’s partners created a WoW Moment for them. More than 400 users from all over the world traveled to New York to understand the vision for the coming years from Girish Mathrubootham the co-founder and CEO of Freshworks and have a first look into new technology being released soon for their products.

On the user conference Freshworks launched their AI platform service called Freddy their omnibot solution for sales, support and service teams that use Freshworks platforms to deliver and drive results.

Still in early beta, we will be giving Freddy a try in our next hackathon and we will let you know how it behaves, but more importantly, the potential that it shows to SaaS solutions.

Artificial Intelligence will be at the forefront of all platforms.

We have seen the rise of technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots permeate to all area inside an organization, we know this first hand when we built our prototype bot at the Sabre Hackaton last year using the ALICE platform from Microsoft. Nonetheless platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack are pushing the boundaries and blurring the lines between areas by connecting them to collaborate around important data that is crucial to run a business, so this has created an industry around conversational platforms where chatbots are a central component to it.

Who will create the next “iPhone moment” for SaaS companies? That is what we are striving for…..make a permanent change into how we use and view technology - Girish Mathrubootham - CEO Freshworks.

For many partners in the room it was all about understanding how customer view the platform and what their expectation for a WoW Moment would be. It was interesting to see how many organizations are just starting to embrace customer success and customer experience processes inside their teams. Slowly companies are understanding that in order to create customer loyalty you need to over deliver and meet expectations.

Girish Mathrubootham shared with everyone his vision into what fundamental changes will be driving the evolution of Customer Experience for organizations. He clearly pointed out the roadmap for Freshworks which has 3 foundations: Customer 360, AI and Collaboration

Defining a Customer 360 solution.

The current state of software is that organizations have to leverage fragmented platforms in every area. All these platforms hold important data that needs to be linked between them in order for teams to collaborate to deliver results and drive revenue so companies can grow.

For many of us that build applications in the Software as a Service industry this creates an opportunity to build solutions that bring together this data but also extend the functionality of the software we are interconnecting, such is the case for our Freshdesk power-up and Trello app for Freshdesk. Which enables support agents to collaborate with anyone from their organizations that uses Trello boards and cards to execute task management.

Freshworks CEO touched on an excellent point when he discussed what would it take to rethink the software industry and create the “iphone moment”, launching the challenge to everyone in the room to rethink what we are doing right now to WoW our customers and not only serve a solution but enable an evolution to their current experience. Freshworks is betting on a Customer 360 experience, which means that their CRM, Marketing, Support and Chat solutions will be under one platform.

While their approach to a one stop shop for any business needs is a very interesting proposal, there are many challenges that they will tackle head on and this is the first step to create a platform which could rival current industry giants like Salesforce, SAP and other solutions in the market.

At SoftwareDevTools we believe that the center to any great movement is articulating collaboration between app developers, solution providers, platforms and customers. This is where the different marketplaces that Freshworks enables like the Freshdesk Marketplace, where customers can search from different vendors to find the right solution that meets their needs.

The outstanding message from Girish Mathrubootham founder of Freshworks is that now Marketing, Sales and Customer Support teams have a solution in place that can fit their current and future needs, this is what Freshworks Customer 360 platform will provide; supported by their partners who can fill the gaps to the every growing needs that industries have.

We look forward to keep building apps that support the Freshworks vision for an integrated solution to an organization's marketing, sales and support processes.

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