SoftwareDevTools’ Freshservice Power-Up + Trello app Solution Wins 2 Multi-Platform Collaboration Awards!

SoftwareDevTools is proud to share that CompareCamp, a major influencer in the B2B and SaaS space, recently distinguished SoftwareDevTools Freshservice power-up + Trello app with the Great User Experience and Rising Star of 2018 Award for bringing the best of both worlds on a single platform. CompareCamp reviews and recommends only the most trusted software solutions on the market and features quality guest post.

Freshservice power-up + Trello app

CompareCamp’s team described Freshservice + Trello as “an efficient solution for resolving tickets faster through seamless collaboration.” For better context, CompareCamp detailed a few situations when integrating both Freshservice and Trello can prove beneficial to one’s business:

  • With Freshservice power-up + Trello app, businesses can now easily insert support tickets into Trello cards.

    “This accelerates the syncing of data so you don’t have to go through the trouble of manually transferring information,”.

  • With Trello, businesses are able to gain complete visibility over each project at all times. With Trello connected to Freshservice, users benefit from “faster ticket resolution” and “seamless collaboration.”

  • Freshservice + Trello makes it easy to connect both platforms, simply requiring Trello to be installed onto Freshservice and connecting it with the Freshservice Power-Up.

Freshservice + Trello received a positive overall product quality rating on CompareCamp. It garnered a great 8.3 overall score.

Many thanks to CompareCamp and it's team for the positive review and for seeing the benefits that Freshservice + Trello brings to teams.


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