How daily standups can help you to improve team collaboration. Part II the role of retrospectives

If you haven’t read the first part I will let you the link here.

The past week we talked about the daily standup and how this simple practice can help you to increase and encourage collaboration in our agile teams. Well, the benefits keep showing up and we are going to share some more if you aren’t sure yet about the importance of this practice and all the benefits that it has for your team.

Daily standup, like the name says, is to be held every day. It is not just about talking of finished works, it is important to notice our progress, and most important to know if there are delays or possible problems that the team didn’t expect during estimation or planning the sprint.

the daily stand-up scrum (source)

Team collaboration with daily standups.


Daily standup is used for sharing current information, current problems, and why not? Feedback. Agile teams always look for constant improvement and to achieve that state we need continuous communication to talk about problems and foster our teammates to do their best. It is easier to provide feedback when is the accurate time and it is when the problems are happening, so why not encourage this fruitful practice during daily standup? If we are trying to solve our problems why no look for a solution together and when all the team knows what is happening. But what about retrospectives? Remember that this ceremony is to give a check to our problems and share a big picture with the team and feedback needs to be present any time you have it.

If you don’t know how to encourage feedback in your team read this article about The feedback environment.


As agile teams, constructive feedback is very very important to achieve success and constant improvement. But sometimes teams don’t look at positive feedback. When the team can express freely about their daily goals the possibilities to give positive feedback increases, hence the team spirit making easier the collaboration and the culture of trust to keep expressing our ideas.

Use daily standup to appraise the current achieved goals for members. This little change can help your team to feel more motivated and keep looking for better solutions.

Sense of belonging/supportive relationships:

Due to daily standup, even retrospectives need daily communication and constant interaction between members create a sense of belonging and supportive relationships are more probable with these practices.

Daily standups make our members have enough time to express their ideas and problems. With this possibility to collaborate, your team will get used to interacting more frequently making more efficient teamwork. If this happens you are creating a perfect environment for feedback and good communication.

Employee participation/involvement/working with others

Practices like daily standups encourage team members to work together and get involved in teammates' work, and not just talking about sharing their info. Daily standup can make that member create more interest in the work for other colleagues and even can be the principal door to make members help each other. When there is a possibility to express our opinion it is easier to solve some blockers or to create a better sense of the current task. Finding solutions is easier when you know what the people are talking about and more than one opinion can help to create more efficient solutions.

Involvement is when team members know what their fellow is working on. It's easier, and the possibilities to encourage participation increase when daily standups are present in our agile teams. (source)

Trust and respect:

The stand-up is a daily touch-point for all team members, making it the perfect time to communicate and create a better understanding between members, but more importantly creating familiarity with their personalities and abilities. With the simple fact that the people are communicating, feeling comfortable is easier. (source)

Identify with the task

Daily standups also can help us to improve the definition of the daily goals that our tasks need and furthermore feel identify with the task. When a team member gets this close to a task the possibility of delays or unfinished tasks decreases. Because now the member feels the compromise with their own task, hence the member feel the responsibility to find better solutions and set up better their daily goals.

Visibility and transparency

daily stand-ups transparency(Source)

Daily standup use to be for daily updates about the current task and the progress we have achieved during the past days. This ceremony allow the member feel more involve with the progress but also feel accountability with their own task; as the people in the team know about the other’s tasks, they feel the compromise to keep evolving their work. When the team has the opportunity to interact and share information, transparency increases making it easier to collaborate and to avoid misunderstandings.

Some developers feel that they are “letting the team down” if tasks are not completed on time. It is also very easy for the team to identify problem areas that can be addressed promptly.

As you can see Daily standup have countless benefits for our teams. Agile ceremonies like this can help our team to keep improving and look for better options when we are trying to perform together. Don’t let this practice out of your day-to-day basis and look for a way to do it with your team.

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