How daily standups can help you to improve your team collaboration. Part I

Agile methodologies are known for helping the team to increase transparency and make the team collaborate easily. Collaboration is a very important value that helps us to increase engagement between members ensuring and improving team performance. Reaching Goals, learning from mistakes, and tackling problems are improved for organizations that can ensure team collaboration.

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Agile teams have demonstrated that agile ceremonies are very important to improve performance, so agile practices help our agile team to collaborate. The daily standups are one of those important ceremonies that allow us to collaborate. This simple ceremony is the perfect time to share with the team our progress, our problems, and more important to foresee the delays and unexpected problems for the current sprint. Are you not sure yet? Let me go into detail about all the benefits that daily standups have in your team and how to improve collaboration with this simple ceremony.

How daily standups can help you to improve your team collaboration

Daily standups help you to Avoid subgroups:

Usually, agile teams tend to be with few members. The problem is that sometimes it can incur in shorter-micro teams, making transparency and good communication a little bit more difficult. When you don't foster collaboration this kind of misunderstandings can create a gasp in our information.

With daily standups, you give some important time to your team members to collaborate like a whole team with all the information and not just with the micro team mindset. Giving important information for the daily work members can better tackle their current problems and determine as a group on how to avoid them.

Subgroups have been found to increase task and relationship conflict as well as reduced satisfaction, cohesion, and performance.


Daily Standups create the perfect environment for Elaboration of information:

Elaboration of information is important for our team to keep performing as a collaborative team. This value can be described as the possibility to exchange information and feedback between members. Daily standups allow us to share information with more frequency that enables more communication and for sure, collaboration.

If you can foster more elaboration of information is more probable that your team will have productive discussions, and to prevent misunderstandings.

Another good way that you can foster the elaboration of information in your team is with agile retrospectives. As we talk to you this value has its basis on group-based information exchange, an action that you can achieve when your team reflects about their own behavior and share their own opinion.

Team reflexivity is present when you create more standups

Team reflexivity can be described as the actions that encompass discussions of processes, task-related issues, and members’ reflections on group goals and strategies. (Source)

When a team has reflexivity it's easier for the team to notice their current status, avoids micromanagement, and avoids gaps in information because it is only available for some members. Standups are perfect to encourage this value, with the continuous shared information all the team has a big picture of the work and develops a shared understanding of the tasks they are working on. Standups allow reflecting on their behavior and performance.

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Daily standups create frequent and informal communication

Frequent communication is almost the basis for good collaborations. Daily standups are the perfect venue to create frequent communication and also informal communication.

Informal communication helps our team to be more conscientious about their team and to create this social feeling between members.

Meanwhile, frequent communication provides a venue in which communication helps achieve work outcomes. When a team has the ability to share their info and all the team has access to that info is easier to create a collaborative environment where all members can ask, explain their opinion and even give that feedback that the team needs to keep improving.

Also, retrospectives can help you with this issue, because it is expected that the team communicates about past issues and experiences–thus integrating personal information with collective group memory. If you are trying to make your retros remotely check out this tool to encourage feedback in your team.

Daily standups can make the most of your team if you host this ceremony frequently. Sometimes it is harder to save all that important info for the daily work, check out our tool for Daily Standups using Slack. You can have as many times you want and save easily all that info!

Agile ceremonies have demonstrated that can help us to create a safe environment for continuous improvement and team collaboration. Find the best way to create your own ceremonies and always be available for new ideas and opinions. Be sure to program better your daily standup without making this ceremony frustrating and always ask for feedback.

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