Silver Marketplace Partner Program. We did it!

SoftwareDevTools is so excited to tell you that we achieved the Silver on the Marketplace Partner Program that Atlassian has launched replacing the program Top Vendor.

Top vendor was the program that Atlassian used to reward those vendors that provided excellence in their products and customer experiences. We already have the silver in Top vendors, but this time is more gratifying to share with you our silver in Marketplace Partner Program due to the meaning of being one in Atlassian.

The Marketplace Partner program was launched on June 7th.
This program has the objective to reward the vendors, which have changed to Partners. This time Atlassian is interested in celebrating those partners that share the strategy that Atlassian wants for their customers, highlighting the importance of enhanced security practices and to incentivize cloud and Data Center app development.

atlassian marketplace partner program

This program also rewards the individual Partner’s efforts and formalizing through these programs gives more confidence to our customers about the quality of our products and services.

Two principal points are taking into consideration:

  • Cloud and Data Center: Partners are investing in cloud and have Data Center Approved versions of their high-traction server apps.
  • Security: Partners are up-leveling their security practices by participating in our Marketplace Security Programs. For cloud apps that participate, we are introducing a new security badge on the Marketplace so customers can make informed security decisions.

All these having in mind the importance of security that customers need due to the necessity of change and rewards the alignment of Atlassian platforms.

The most important requirement for us to achieve this incredible program is guaranteeing that the Service-level agreement is fulfilled and give you the support that you and your team need.

marketplace partner program

In Softwaredevtools we are interested in giving you the best products, guaranteeing security, and the best support for you and your team. Helping you to adopt the best agile ceremonies like Retrospectives, asynchronous standups and achieve accurate estimations for your sprint

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